About HSX MarketStreet

Mission & Vision

HSX MarketStreet is the trusted innovation platform that promotes the rapid development and implementation of healthcare products and solutions that benefit consumers, providers, payers, and employers.
HSX MarketStreet shall empower consumers, providers, employers, and payers with secure access to health information on their terms. 
illustration of cell phone showing apps and connections

HSX MarketStreet enables secure access to health information, integration into provider and payer workflows, and support for the development and commercialization of products and solution. When you integrate with HSX MarketStreet you can exchange data with 2000+ healthcare organizations - both payers and providers - with a single integration.

This is enabled through a robust data flow infrastructure built upon pillars of:

  • Interoperability: Enabling active communication between healthcare providers, payers, and innovators
  • Standardization for Bidirectional Exchange and Data Aggregation: Enabling the direct passage of timely, meaningful, actionable clinical information within individualized workflows
  • Establishment of Trust within the Healthcare Community

The HealthShare Exchange (HSX) established a legal framework to enable health information sharing; the HSX MarketStreet Platform maintains strong relationships with the vested community represented by several committees and workgroups.