Hackathon Series

2019 Hackathon - Always Hacking in Philadelphia:
The Consumer Consent Edition

Friday, May 31 
American College of Physicians 190 North Independence Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19106 

Monday, June 3 and Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue
4200 City Aveneue
Philadelphia, PA 19131

The Hackathon will challenge participants to use exposed HSX MarketStreet APIs (application programming interfaces) to develop a technology solution that allows patients to direct the transmission of their clinical information.  This could include an application allowing the consumers to pull their records onto their own devices, to direct the transfer of their records to an application used by their providers, to send their data into a health or wellness application that will use the clinical data to enhance their service, and more.

Participants are encouraged to be creative and to integrate their solutions with existing patient care platforms.  The primary focus of this year’s Hackathon is for teams to build consumer-directed solutions that will take advantage of HSX MarketStreet’s new consent and authentication module.  Solutions can include patient-facing, provider-involved, or payer-based functionality, but must incorporate the consented exchange of a patient's clinical data. Industry experts will judge the solutions across a number of factors, including usability, creativity, implementation feasibility, and market value.  

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Across the country, Healthcare Innovations hosts a series of events that brings together 200+ health IT decision makers from leading hospitals, health systems, and large physician practices. For more on the Philadelphia Health IT Summit:


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About the Hackathon Series


For Hackathon events, HSX MarketStreet will open its Sandbox APIs to the hackers as a pathway for innovation. An invaluable resource will be made available: a vast database of (de-identified) patient data representative of the millions of patients across the Greater Philadelphia/Delaware Valley region. Healthcare industry leaders, technology innovators, and those inspired to propel healthcare technology into the future are invited to participate.

Hackathon participants will use this data and the APIs to create tools to increase patient access to their information, empower consumers to improve their health and care management, and more. A panel of industry experts will judge the solutions developed, with the winning hack earning an opportunity to partner with the MarketStreet enterprise to implement the solution in the field.



Past Hackathons

Hackathon Logo
2018 Consumer Health-Data-Exchange Hackathon

The 2018 Consumer Health-Data-Exchange Hackathon, presented by HSX MarketStreet and Healthcare Informatics, took place in conjunction with the Philadelphia Health IT Summit.

1st place prize = $1000 and an opportunity to bring the hacked application to market as a MarketStreet pilot

2nd place prize = $700

3rd place prize = $300

The hackers were in the hacking room before 8:00 am and until after 11:00 pm each night, diligently working on their projects.  The enthusiastic and determined teams impressed HSX staff and summit spectators with their creativity and ingenuity, as they devised a variety of solutions covering a range of problems currently facing the healthcare IT space.

Solutions included:

  • a platform to track whether diabetic patients were following through on their recommended annual retinal exams
  • an integration with Fitbit to allow affective-disorder patients to self-report on their mood, track sleep and vitals, and more, in an effort to prevent or detect an upcoming manic episode for the patient
  • and use of blockchain technology to track patients’ immunization status. 

Throughout the Hackathon, announcements were made at the Health IT Summit for summit attendees to stop by the room next door and see the hackers in action, and to ask about their solutions and what benefit they would provide to healthcare. The hackathon was intended as the first in the HSX MarketStreet Hackathon Series, continuing to build upon HSX’s mission of improving patients’ well-being by allowing appropriate and productive exchange of patient data, and empowering patients to actively engage in their own healthcare management.

See here for a full recap and photos from the 2108 Hackathon.

First Place Winners!

The Jefferson DICE Group created a B2B App that focuses on the efficient and responsible transfer of medical information to aid businesses and institutions during the onboarding process. This is accomplished through a platform that facilitates consensual requests for consumer medical history by leveraging the HSX API for data transfer, and proprietary code to present the information in a convenient and intuitive user interface. The secure transfer of immunization and primary care information is now at our fingertips. 

First Place winners Jefferson Dice

Second Place Winner!

GeneIntel is a preventative and diagnostic healthcare service based in Philadelphia that gathers and organizes patient-centric family medical history for a genetics-informed health profile.

Gene Health Intelligence

Third Place Winner!

Ares Health Systems designs, develops and deploys personalized care solutions for care management transformation.  Mpower supports the transformation of care management from hospitals and clinics to care in the community as an integral part of valued based care.

Ares Health Systems